The UK Riders Challenge 2014

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“The friendly competition series for the unaffiliated rider."
   The National Final 2014 will be on 2nd August

We are very pleased to be able to tell you that from the 1st June 2014 we will be running UKRiders Qualifiers and Regional Finals at Elms Farm, provisional dates are 8th June,22nd June,6th July with Regional on 20th JULY Entry form under Dressage entry form. The 25th May competition has been cancelled due to conditions beyond my control.

Newton Hall are running a extra qualifier on 1st June

BRITISH DRESSAGE have very kindly sent us some class tickets to be given to the first three places of each class in our dressage finals, these will enable our winners to give British Dressage a try without becoming members.

We are now able to offer our riders Polo shirts and Sweat shirts in all colours with the UK Riders logo on.
Sweat shirts are £16.00 and Polo Shirts £14.00. plus postage. Please e.mail via contact page if you are interested.
All sizes are availabl
e and will be posted out to you.


Please note there will be two extra classes at the 2014 Finals for ex-racehorses, there will be a Preliminary and a novice class. tests for these are Preliminary  and Novice. There wil be NO regional final for the ex racehorse classes, so if you qualify in the first round you can automatical enter the National Final in these classes.Please let me know if you ride an ex-racehorse(


The UK Riders Challenge is a national competition series aimed at unaffiliated combinations of horse and rider. It gives every day riders the chance to compete for national glory in dressage and show jumping. The aim is simple – to help you enjoy your horse more!

The Challenge has a three-tier competition structure. Local qualifiers are held at centres around the country from September1st 2014 until the 31st May 2014. Successful partnerships then go on to compete in Regional Finals held from 1st June to 14th July and the challenge culminates in the National Finals, held on 2nd August 2014 at Arena UK.

There are options to compete at Preliminary, Novice & Elementary level in dressage and at Restricted Novice (0.65m) Novice (0.75m), Intermediate (0.85m) or Open (0.95m) heights in show jumping. The competition is split into junior (under 16 on 2nd August 2014) for the 2014 Challenge) and senior sections, but there are no restrictions on the height of horses and ponies in either section, so a junior can ride a horse or a senior can ride a pony. British dressage Associate members and British Show Jumping Club members are eligable to compete with UK Riders.

Challenge Classes

Dressage: There are four levels of dressage classes:

Please note: There will be no differentiation between Prelim and Prelim 1 Scales of Training at qualifier level for the 2014 Challenge. However, as with the 2009 Challenge, at Regional and National Final level a Prelim ‘Scales Of Training’ class will be run alongside the standard Prelim class. Competitors qualified at Prelim level will be eligible to enter Regional Finals in both Prelim and Prelim Scales Of Training and we will hold National Final classes in both. Competitors also competing at Novice/Elementary level will not be eligible to compete in the Prelim Scales of Training Regional Finals.

The tests to be used at the Finals 2014 are as follows:
Junior Classes Senior Classes
Intro A

Intro B

Preliminary 13(2006) Preliminary  14 (2006)
Novice   24 (2010) Novice    34  (2009)
Elementary  49 (2009) Elementary  49  (2009)
Show Jumping: There are four heights of Show jumping competitions:
  • Restricted Novice: fences up to 0.65m
  • Novice: fences up to 0.75m
  • Intermediate: fences up to 0.85m
  • Open: fences up to 0.95m

Combinations of horse and rider qualifying for Intermediate or Open show jumping classes of the UK Riders Challenge are not eligible to go forward to Regional Finals in the Restricted Novice class.

Show jumping heights will remain at class height at Regional Final level. At the National Finals, the fences will be raised by 5cm.

Team Class
A team show jumping competition is run at the National Finals alongside the individual competitions. All National Final qualifiers are eligible to compete in the team competition of the discipline they qualified in. Teams may be put forward by any of the UK Riders Challenge Centres or formed by individuals. There are 3 riders in a show jumping team made up of any combination of junior/seniors riding horses/ponies. Please ask your venue to organise a team to represent them.

Show Jumping Baton Relay: Course height: 0.80m. The competition is judged under BSJA table as per rule 282. All members of the team enter the arena together. Each team member will jump one round against the clock in relay, passing the baton to the next team member.

UK Riders Challenge 2014
Competition structure and qualifying criteria

Challenge Rules
  • Qualifiers are held until 31st May 2014.
  • Regional Finals are held from 1st June to 14th July 2014.
  • The National Finals will be held at Arena UK on 2nd August 2014.
  • Both members and non-members of UK Chasers and Riders are eligible to compete in qualifying rounds, but non-members must join within 14 days of qualifying to progress to Regional Finals.
  • Affiliated riders and/or horses may enter the qualifiers, however no combination of horse and rider may qualify for Nationals if they are affiliated to the British Show Jumping Association (BSJA) or British Eventing (BE) for Showjumping classes, or British Dressage (BD) or British Eventing (BE) for dressage classes. Novice unaffiliated riders competing on an affiliated horse are eligible, as are affiliated riders competing on young or inexperienced horses. The only competitors excluded are fully paid up affiliated combinations of horse and rider as this is a competition designed specifically to encourage unaffiliated combinations.
  • If a horse and rider combination qualify for a Regional Final and then subsequently affiliate they are still eligible to continue to the Regional and National Finals of the current year’s competition at the level(s) they gained qualification in before affiliating.
  • Juniors are those under 16 on 2/8/14 for the 2014 Challenge.
  • Combinations of horse and rider competing at Novice/Elementary dressage level will not be eligible to compete in the Prelim Scales of Training Regional Finals.
  • Combinations of horse and rider qualifying for Intermediate or Open show jumping classes of the UK Riders Challenge are not eligible to go forward to Regional Finals in the Restricted Novice class. If a combination qualifies for the Restricted Novice and either the Intermediate or Open Class, the restricted novice qualification will become invalid.
  • Wherever possible qualifications should be passed down the line if the qualifying competitor is affiliated or has already qualified at that level. This is dependant on achieving the normal qualifying criteria- eg. Over 58% in dressage classes or a clear in the first round show jumping.
  • All dressage classes will be run in accordance with British Dressage first round rules. Please refer to the BD rulebook for further information.
  • All show jumping classes will be run in accordance with BSJA first round rules. Please refer to the BSJA yearbook for further information.
  • A riding hat which conforms to PAS015 or BSEN1385 with a three point linkage harness properly adjusted and fastened must be worn at all times whilst mounted.
  • No horse/pony under 4 yrs of age is eligible
  • The decision of the centre holding individual competitions is final.

Additional rules may be implemented at each individual competition centre’s discretion. Please check the venue’s schedule for further information.

UK Riders may make changes to the rules at any point during the competition year. Any rule changes will be posted on our website at and all Challenge Centres will be informed.
Qualifying for the Regional Finals in Dressage:

    First 6 with over 58% qualify for regional final (send your qualifying slip to UKRiders)


    All dressage qualifiers MUST receive 58% or over in their test to qualify.

Qualifying for the Regional Finals in Show Jumping:

    The first 5 placed competitors in the class will qualify, providing they go clear in the first round.


    All show jumping qualifiers MUST go clear in the first round to qualify.
    In a change to 2006 rules: double clears will not automatically qualify for Regional Finals

Regional Finals
  • All centres running qualifiers for the UK Riders Challenge may choose to run a Regional Final. Regional Finals take place from 1st June to 14th July 2014 and are the second round of the competition.
  • All competitors qualifying in the first round will be sent a qualification card. The dates and venues of Regional Finals are on the website from Spring 2014.
  • Competitors enter Regional Finals in the same way as the qualifying rounds but must produce their certificate of qualification at the Regional Final for their entry to be validated.
  • Competitors may enter as many Regional Finals as they wish to go to, only dependant on how far they wish to travel.
  • No Regional Finals for the 2014 Challenge may be held later than 14th July 2014.
  • We prefer centres to run only one Regional Final in each discipline but they may choose a maximum of 2 if they wish.

Qualification for the National Finals from the Regional Finals

    The first 6 places with double clears qualify for Nationals in seniors and juniors

Additional places at the National Finals may be offered to placed competitors at the discretion of UK Chasers and Riders, subject to class sizes.


The first 6 places with over 60% in juniors and seniors qualify

Additional places at the National Finals may be offered to placed competitors at the discretion of UK Chasers and Riders, subject to class sizes.


All qualifiers from the Regional Finals in both dressage and show jumping MUST enter the National Finals within SEVEN days of qualifying or their place will be passed down to the next placed competitor in that class.
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